Hippity Hoppity

q117_lrg.jpgOh my goodness, could it be?! I haven’t posted in so many months I was beginning to wonder if I ever would again. Life has been busy – as always. But I did get a banner quilt done. This one isn’t too big, or too hard – well, the letters might be a little time consuming. But I just put the pattern up on my website.

You may notice there’s a little lapse in my numbering system (or maybe not). :) Sugarplums which was the block of the month I did last year will be a pattern shortly. I’ve started quilting it but I’m really trying to step outside my comfort zone in that I want to make it a little more formal. Most times when I have little idea of what I’m going to do, so I just start quilting and whatever just happens. This time I wanted to do something other than my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants. :) So as soon as it’s done I’ll post it here.

Otherwise, a quilt that I mentioned many, many (many) moons ago is finally all quilted and bound. It’s called Squirrel Nuttiness and I’ve almost finished writing the pattern, just a bit more to go.

Anyway, sorry to be away so long, I’m working and sometimes all the really fun stuff has to take a back seat. I hope to post again soon.

Holly =^..^=

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  1. Gail Weitzel Says:

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    VERY cute banner for Spring. Love your designs, Holly.