Sugarplums Block 6

christmas-bom-block6-sm.jpgWell my oh my, here we are at month number 6. This month a trio of packages have arrived. They are wrapped with lovely big bows – please no shakin’ allowed!

With this block you may have noticed that I changed the layout of the quilt just a wee bit, but it really won’t affect anything as we haven’t gotten to those parts until now. I put the little squares that were previously below the presents, above them. I also moved the bear block up and made the piece beneath one strip instead of pieced. I guess that’s what happens as we work together on this. :)

Here’s how it’s coming together:


Another edition of Tuesday Treadlers and Maizie Jenkins will be featured with this block. To purchase block 6 and Terry’s terrific story, please visit Terri’s website – both should be up shortly.

And a little tidbit about next month…something for your sweet tooth!


Terry’s website: Tales of the Quilt Shop
Holly’s: glue-stick turned applique instructions

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  1. Jacilynn Says:

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    i am loving looking around your blog! I found you from my friend Shari’s blog. I am so impressed, you are so talented!