Book-A-Round – Scrap Applique Playground (win a copy for yourself!)

Hi everyone!

My friend Kay Mackenzie recently released a new book, Scrap-Applique Playground and asked if I’d join her Book-A-Round. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun this latest title is.

Just as the name implies, it’s all about scraps. The idea – you can sew scraps together to make your own, individually crafted fabric – and it’s free. Ok, ok, I know, you probably bought the fabric in the first place, but really, what were you going to do with those leftover scraps anyway? But for those of us who finally did start letting go and not feeling separation anxiety anytime we threw some little snippet of something away, darn it if Kay hasn’t now made us think again!

So with all that said, I thought I’d share a little project I created with this new found technique. I knew I wanted to do something bright and cheery, just like the projects in the book. So I got out my scraps, created a little sketch and went to work. Here’s what I came up with:


I can see how this technique could be addicting and am envisioning a number of other projects.

I’m also including a PDF of the pattern if you’d like to try it for yourself.

Just like her other Book-A-Round’s you could win your very own copy of her book!! Isn’t that the best! Please leave a comment by 6 p.m. PST on Friday, June 15 (that should give you all plenty of time). Please make sure your e-mail address is included so that I can reach you if you’re the lucky winner. And sorry about this but the give-away is only for readers in the U.S. and Canada.

Please pop on over to Kay’s blog, All About Applique and follow along with the rest of this whirl-wind tour – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

74 Responses to “Book-A-Round – Scrap Applique Playground (win a copy for yourself!)”

  1. Maria Says:

    Visit Maria

    Oh this is so cute – thank you for sharing it and the info about the book – on my way to Kay’s!

  2. Angie in SoCal Says:

    Visit Angie in SoCal

    What a darling little piece! I can see this made larger into a baby quilt. Thanks for the chance.

  3. Annette Says:

    Visit Annette

    How adorable. Love your piece. Love the book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. Sandra V Says:

    Visit Sandra V

    Would love to own a copy of this book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. Jill Hicks Says:

    Visit Jill Hicks

    I would love to win this book. I think your bear is really cute.

  6. Shirley Says:

    Visit Shirley

    Every project calls out, “Make Me, Make me”!! Fingers itching to start stitching.

  7. Joanna Says:

    Visit Joanna

    I love the design you created with Kay’s technique. Thank you for the pattern.

  8. Marilyn Says:

    Visit Marilyn

    Love the technique and your project too!

  9. Wanda Says:

    Visit Wanda

    What a darling project you made. Now I really want the book!

  10. Judy G Says:

    Visit Judy G

    Another cute pattern. It’s easy to see how making these could become addictive.

  11. Sharon Buford Says:

    Visit Sharon Buford

    Love the bear – it would look so good in my camper. Hope you put this pattern up on your website.

  12. Elizabeth McDonald Says:

    Visit Elizabeth McDonald

    Love the little landscape you designed! Her book looks fabulous.

  13. Charlie B Says:

    Visit Charlie B

    Such a cute block. Thanks for the pattern.

  14. Wanda Heath Says:

    Visit Wanda Heath

    This is so cute! Would love to win this book.

  15. ritainalaska Says:

    Visit ritainalaska

    thanx for the pattern! would be really cute made bigger for a baby seat blankie for my soon to be dggs. love this book and it’s projects for it’s inspirations.

  16. Sheila Craft Says:

    Visit Sheila Craft

    What a sweet little Welcome hanging this would be! Thanks for the design! I’m thrilled to have a chance to win this wonderful new book.

  17. Teresa Says:

    Visit Teresa

    Cute block – please count me in the drawing.

  18. Kate Says:

    Visit Kate

    That is a darling bear! Thanks for the chance!

  19. Jocelyn Says:

    Visit Jocelyn

    What a very cute block!!! Thanks for sharing the design. The book looks awesome.

  20. Glenda B Says:

    Visit Glenda B

    I love your bear – it’s so cute. I’d also enjoy winning the book – always looking for new applique ideas.

  21. BarbR Says:

    Visit BarbR

    Kay really gives us good ideas. Your project is sooo cute. I think my granddaughter would love it as part of a quilt. Thanks for a chance to win. =!=

  22. Marilyn S Says:

    Visit Marilyn S

    That effect looks so fun. I would love the book. Thanks.

  23. Kathleen B Says:

    Visit Kathleen B

    Your bear is adorable! I think I would absolutely LOVE this book. Kay is so talented! See ‘About’ in my profile for contact info. Thanks for a great giveaway! :)

  24. Sheila Says:

    Visit Sheila

    Kay’s books and patterns are always great. I’d love to win.

  25. Donna P Says:

    Visit Donna P

    Your little bear is darling – thank you for sharing it with us – my grandson says, “Aw…how cute!”. I guess I know what I’ll be doing soon! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  26. Joan Rodriguez Says:

    Visit Joan Rodriguez

    Your bear is a perfect example/reason for using Kay’s scrap applique technique. He’s comes alive with the combination of all the scraps. :)

  27. Polly Hada Says:

    Visit Polly Hada

    Darling, darling pattern. Yes, scraps are where it’s at for quilters. My fingers are tightly crossed for this wonderful book. Thanks for the free PDF.

  28. Mary Brown Says:

    Visit Mary Brown

    Love your work, and your blog. Hope your hubby’s transportation issue got worked out. Hope I win a copy of Kay’s marvelous book!

  29. DebrafromMD Says:

    Visit DebrafromMD

    I love the pattern and the patchwork makes the appliqué even better. I would love to have a copy of this book.

  30. Jansie Martin Says:

    Visit Jansie Martin

    Super cute!! Love it. Thank you for sharing your pattern.

  31. Joyce Mitchell Says:

    Visit Joyce Mitchell

    Love your cute bear. Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. Teresa in Music City Says:

    Visit Teresa in Music City

    Oh I am SEW hoping to win a copy of this book before the Book-A-Round is over! It’s getting close!!! *pick me!*

    I love your little teddy bear – he’s just adorable! That would be a really cute little wall hanging for a new baby boy’s room I’m thinking =^..^=

  33. Carrie P. Says:

    Visit Carrie P.

    that is adorable. Kay has some fun patterns and techniques in her new book.
    don’t add my name to the drawing. I have the book. just wanted to see what you had done.

  34. Billie K Says:

    Visit Billie K

    Thanks for the Big Bear Hug! This looks like a cute book.

  35. Nancy in Newport Says:

    Visit Nancy in Newport

    I save every tiny scrap, but when it comes time to do a project, I don’t have the right color/pattern/texture and I have to buy more fabric! Maybe this book would help me break the habit?

  36. Douglas Oliver Says:

    Visit Douglas Oliver

    Thank you so much for the pattern and a chance to win the book. Great blog.

  37. usairdoll Says:

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    What a cute pattern! What a great way to really customize your work. Thanks for the pattern.

    Thank you and Kay for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


  38. Diann Cornell Says:

    Visit Diann Cornell

    The book looks great and your project is really cute.

  39. candace Says:

    Visit candace

    What fun this blog hop for the book has been! Thanks for hosting today :D

  40. Kathy Lancaster Says:

    Visit Kathy Lancaster

    What a cute project!

  41. Bonnie Larson Says:

    Visit Bonnie Larson

    Great technique. Cute pattern. I would love to try the book. here’s hoping…..

  42. Mary Ann Says:

    Visit Mary Ann

    I just found out about this applique book today thru Martingale and oh how that would be great to win it!! If not I will definitely be buying it as I love to do machine applique. I use a satin stitch on my appliques. What a cute project you made. I took the time to catch up on all the ones that are part of this and just loved what everyone made.

  43. Cheryl Says:

    Visit Cheryl

    I have been following this Book-A-Round. It’s so much fun to see and hear everyone’s comments and how they have put the techniques to their own personal use. Thank you for the opportunity to winn a copy. I would love it!

  44. Anne-Marie Binet Says:

    Visit Anne-Marie Binet

    Cute bear! Thanks for this giveway!

  45. LeAnne L Says:

    Visit LeAnne L

    Your block is adorable! Thank you for the pattern.

  46. diane i Says:

    Visit diane i

    Your block was Beary cute. I like a cute bear with expression. Thanks for the pattern. Keep up the cute work. Thanks for showing the stampinging ability way. I didnt even feel any jet lag on the trip so far.

  47. MarciaW Says:

    Visit MarciaW

    Your project is very cute – is the bear waving hello? Thanks for sharing your project and the giveaway. The book’s techniques look like a great deal of fun.

  48. Arlene Says:

    Visit Arlene

    Love your piece! Would love to win the book.

  49. Linda Says:

    Visit Linda

    Cute, cute, would love to win the book.

  50. Laurel Says:

    Visit Laurel

    Thanks for such a cute pattern! And for the chance to win the great book!

  51. Sharon Says:

    Visit Sharon

    That is an adorable pattern! Thank you for the chance to win a copy of this great book!

  52. Elizabeth Says:

    Visit Elizabeth

    What a cute pattern. My grandkids love teddy bears. Thanks for the chance to win.

  53. Kathy Pennell Says:

    Visit Kathy Pennell

    Kay’s books are always fun and getting to come to blogs we may have missed is also tons of fun. thanks for the chance to win a book and it was great to be a “newbie” at your blog
    beewoman at shawneelink dot net

  54. Nancysue Says:

    Visit Nancysue

    Thank you for sharing your Big Bear Hello pattern with us! I have a 4 yr old son who declared your bear as “Oh how sah-weet” when he saw the photo here on your blog. I might use it for a special camping pillow this summer :) Thank you also for participating in the blog hop. It’s been lots of fun!

  55. Loris Mills Says:

    Visit Loris Mills

    What a cute idea! Love the bear and thank you for sharing him with us. Kay’s technique looks wonderful.Can’t wait to try it!

  56. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    Visit Debbie St. Germain

    I went to your shop and got lost in all the fun designs.
    I love the whimsey and sense of humor, such fun and I love to do quilts like that.


  57. Connie Says:

    Visit Connie

    Thanks for sharing such a cute pattern! This looks like a fun book, thanks for the giveaway!

  58. Lline Says:

    Visit Lline

    This book is perfect for me. I have a ton of scraps I just can’t throw away. I love the teddy bear.

  59. Donna Joy Says:

    Visit Donna Joy

    This looks like a wonderful idea for scraps. Oh your bear pattern is darling. Thanks.

  60. Karrie Smith Says:

    Visit Karrie Smith

    This book looks so cool! Thanks for the chance to win!

  61. Diane Says:

    Visit Diane

    I would love to win this book. I think your bear is really cute.

  62. Lisa Marie Says:

    Visit Lisa Marie

    The projects in this book look like so much fun! And I have so many scraps just waiting to be used. Thanks for the chance to win.

  63. Christine Says:

    Visit Christine

    Such a cute project. Very Inspiring.

  64. Mimi Says:

    Visit Mimi

    I love Kay’s book and love the scrap block you made! I have a grandson whose nickname is “little bear” and your block will be perfect for him! Thank you!

  65. Kris S Says:

    Visit Kris S

    I am so glad that you joined the Book A Round. I have enjoyed your website and your clever little stamps for some time.

    Your bear block is so cute and inventive. Thanks for sharing.

  66. Ellen Fayard Says:

    Visit Ellen Fayard

    Very cute block and thanks for sharing your pattern.

  67. Kathy Says:

    Visit Kathy

    Thanks so much for the chance to win such a great book…and for the pdf pattern!

  68. maggie avrit Says:

    Visit maggie avrit

    I absolutely LOVE this book!! What a wonderful use for scraps.

  69. Tracy in SW WA Says:

    Visit Tracy in SW WA

    Oh my goodness, I must have this book! Each time I see a new project on the Book-A-Round I think, “Oh, THAT’S my favorite!”

    Thank you so much for sharing your friendly little bear pattern. Hopefully this will keep me occupied until the whole book arrives! (Pick me! Pick me!)

  70. Karen Haugland Says:

    Visit Karen Haugland

    Oh too cute! Would love to win a copy of the book. Cute PDF Holly. :)

  71. Barb Says:

    Visit Barb

    Your little bear is adorable….thanks so much for the pattern and the chance at this wonderful book!!

  72. Nancy in IN Says:

    Visit Nancy in IN

    I know I’m late as your address didn’t work for me and I couldn’t find the site. Love the bear.

  73. kathy h Says:

    Visit kathy h

    I know i am too late for the giveaway but wanted to say how cute your bear piece was. I am looking forward to reading your blog since i just found it.

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