Rebuilding Holly

rebuilding-holly.jpgThis week has been a little bit of “one of those weeks”.

Our dog Tucker had to have some minor surgery last week – he’s doing fine, just had to have a bump removed on his hind-quarters. He didn’t seem to care at all. But then Tuesday evening it started bleeding, we thought he ripped one of his stitches out. We put pressure on it and that helped, but it still bled and it wasn’t helping that because it was on his rump, every time he sat we’d have to apply pressure again. Now picture us trying to put a patch of gauze and tape over this…it was just not happening. I took him to the vet in the morning and he said the stitches were healing great and that he thinks there was a small pocket of blood and that’s what came out. Anyway he is totally fine and gets his stitches out early next week.

Next – my husband’s little commuter pick-up truck died – not just knocking on death’s door, but dead. He had it towed over to the mechanic and it’s going to need a new engine. The truck is 13 years old with over 300,000 miles so it’s no spring chicken. But our friend who is a master Toyota mechanic, who’s worked on our vehicles before and we totally trust, took a tumble off his motorcycle a couple weeks ago and while he’s ok (thank goodness) he’s off work for a month. So what to do? (1) Fix the truck but wait until our friend gets back to work, (2) Get a new truck (which isn’t in the budget – good grief, even the base models are expensive), or (3) get the cheapest commuter vehicle with air conditioning being the only must-have accessory.

And then my email suddenly quit and said that it needed to rebuild the database – what?! My account is named “Holly” so when the window showed up on my desktop “Rebuilding Holly” I thought, with a little sigh, if it were only that easy.

So while none of this is earth shattering and we all still have our health and our sanity it’s just been “one of those weeks”. Here’s hoping yours is going a wee bit better. :)


2 Responses to “Rebuilding Holly”

  1. Maria Says:

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    Ugh! “What A Week I’m Having” ran through my head. I forget what TV Show/Movie that is from, but we say it constantly over here!!!

    Glad the pup is OK. Sorry about your hubby’s truck, but WOW – 300k miles! Awesome!!!

    LOL at the screenshot! Sometimes we all need a re-build. Hope it turns around 100% for you!!

  2. Linda R. Says:

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    Sorry for your week. Good luck working through it all. Thanks for the smile. The rebuilding screen was really cute.