Sugarplums Block 4

Block 4 is now available and it’s bear-y cute – polar bears with snuggly scarves.


Here’s the quilt so far.


Maizie Jenkins and the Tuesday Treadlers have yet another tale to tell. To purchase this months installment, woosh on over to Terry’s website and get both the Tales of the Quilt Shop and block 4 for just $2.25.

Stayed tuned for next month’s unveiling featuring a little something with a bushy tail!


Terry’s website: Tales of the Quilt Shop
Holly’s: glue-stick turned applique instructions

One Response to “Sugarplums Block 4”

  1. Maria Says:

    Visit Maria

    I have visited the link since this post was published but Block 4 is not there :( I don’t want to miss it, but the same thing happened last month with Block 3.