Sugarplums Block 2

Our schedule has changed just a little bit in that we are going to be posting new blocks on the 2nd Friday of the month. Like I mentioned last time we are still working things out.


Here’s block 2 – this time it’s a little snowman on a hill of polka dots. He’s sportin’ a lovely green scarf and has his twig arms outstretched ready to catch some snowflakes.

I wanted to mention that when I use light fabrics I usually back them. I don’t like anything to show through so I lined the white. It wasn’t too bad using a creamy background but if you use something darker it’ll be more noticeable. You can either fuse another piece of fabric to the back and then turn your piece or cut out a piece the same size as the pattern and then using a glue stick, wrap the edges around that piece of fabric. I hope that makes sense.

And another great installment of  Maizie Jenkins and the Tuesday Treadlers!


You can pop on over to Terry’s website to purchase both Tales of the Quilt Shop and block 2 for just $2.25.


Terry’s website:  Tales of the Quilt Shop
Holly’s: glue-stick turned applique instructions

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