Sugarplums meet Tales of the Quilt Shop

I’m SO excited to announce a new project! I’ve teamed up with author Terri Thayer, actually she’s the one that approached me with the project over a year ago. She’s writing an 8 month series of stories, Tales of the Quilt Shop and I’m creating an applique project to go along with it called Sugarplums.


This is a monthly download in which you will receive a pattern for a quilt block and a story about the Stitches in Time quilt shop. As you work on your quilt, you’ll be able to follow the adventures of Maizie Jenkins, the owner, and the Tuesday Treadlers, five quilts who sew at the shop.


Terri and I have different styles, so you’ll be able to check out each of them. She’s doing fusible applique while I’m doing my favorite¬†glue-stick turned applique. And our color palettes are totally different as well.

Since this is the first time we’ve done something like this we’ll probably be fine tuning things as we go. I’d really appreciate any comments that you have – again this is uncharted territory.

I will try to stay on our current schedule of posting here the first Friday of each month. The cost will be $2.25 per month and you’ll need to go to Terri’s website to make the purchase. This will be in digital format only during the course of the 8 months. At the end of the year I will be releasing the pattern in its entirety (no stories though).

So again, please let me know what you think. Wahoo! So lets get started!


10 Responses to “Sugarplums meet Tales of the Quilt Shop”

  1. Terri Thayer Says:

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    So excited.

    My block is coming along great in batiks! I love it. I will poast pictures on my blog later this weekend.

    I’m so happy that we teamed up together.

  2. Holly Saveur Says:

    Visit Holly Saveur

    Looks so very sweet,I live in the Netherlands so I will not join the fun ..but it looks very promissing!

  3. Sugarplums meet Tales of the Quilt Shop : All About Applique Says:

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    [...] have GOT to go and take a look at the first block on Holly’s Blog Sprinkles of Thought. If there were anything cuter it wouldn’t be allowed by law. Way to go Holly! Not only that, [...]

  4. Diane Says:

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    Hi! Love the block and am searching my stash for just the right fabrics to make it. I also read the first installment of the mystery book. Love It too! Can’t wait for the next one.

  5. Julee Says:

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    I love it! And I’m gonna do it! :^)

  6. Annie Says:

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    Excellent. I am so very happy for you. You know how much I love your work.


  7. Lenna Green Says:

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    Wow this looks like lots if sewing fun.

  8. Kathy Mae Says:

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    HI Holly!

    I just learned about this collaberation. What a fun idea! I will be following along.

    Love you both!
    Kathy Mae

  9. Paisleaf » Ok, I’m Addicted! Says:

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    [...] out Sugarplums right here and tell me it isn’t cute!! [...]

  10. Anita Kroll Says:

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    When will the second part come out? I cant wait to get all 8 of them.