Closer to the next decade

metamucil.jpgThis weekend was my birthday weekend. I am now officially closer to the next decade versus the other, younger one. I don’t think I obsess about age, I think the old adage of “you are as young as you feel” tends to hold true. Some days I hop out of bed and feel like I’m 20, other days Betty White and I could be BFF’s at the ripe ol’ age of 90 (this tends to happen when all the pets pile in the bed and I find myself sleeping in some contorted position all night).

So now that I am over the half-way mark do I sit and contemplate life or do I start looking for wrinkle creams, a good “nightly repair” lotion and up the Metamucil intake. I’m starting to see a few more gray hairs – I think I shall call this a “highlighting opportunity”. I am an artist and we take creative licenses all the time, why not with myself?

It was a very nice birthday weekend. I received a box of homemade persimmon cookies from my parents (yum). My husband and I hung out and went to the movies – twice (we haven’t done that in ages) and then we went out to a simple dinner. We topped it off at my favorite store – Barnes and Noble, the magazine section to be specific. The newest issue of Mollie Makes was in so I was happy to peruse the pages with a cup of hot chocolate.

Life is good.


6 Responses to “Closer to the next decade”

  1. gailanne Says:

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    Happy belated birthday, Holly. Best wishes that the first decade of second half of your life is the best one yet. You’ll be too busy creating fabulous stamp images to worry about wrinkle creams and nightly repair lotions. The highlights can be fun, though….cheers!

  2. Holly Saveur Says:

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    I will turn 50 this march and I can tell you there are more grey hairs then blond ones left….a good thing there is hairdresser!
    Groetjes From the Netherlands!
    Holly(yes this is my name too)

  3. Maria Says:

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    Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!! Glad to read you had a great weekend!!

    Yes, we all make a bit more noise getting out of bed in the morning and have to apply a few more things to ourselves to keep ‘up’ – but it’s OK – Life Is Good :)


  4. Amanda R Says:

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    Happy Belated Birthday Holly! Getting older is better than the alternative so I don’t fuss too much, can’t go back in time anyways!

  5. Danielle Says:

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    Happy Birthday Holly! Glad you enjoyed it! I’ve had highlighting opportunities for years now and all the wrinkle creams I used to turn my nose up at are now in my bathroom at the ready! LOL!

  6. Susie Lessard Says:

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    OMGoodness, I laughed when I read this post. I also sent the link to our daughter. She’s a redhead too and today is her birthday. My funny, sweet baboo turns 39 today (March 6th). It made my heart smile to read your parents had sent cookies to you. I send gingerbread cookies (her favorite). I miss our daughter so much (she lives in Washington D.C.) How did she grow up so fast!? I’m sure your mom feels the same. But, I’m sure she feels like I do. We both are so proud of what our daughters have accomplished. Happy belated birthday Holly.