Another Christy Tomlinson workshop – this time it’s a mini one!

I wrote in a previous post that I had found Christy Tomlinson through Scraptime, a blog with videos about what’s new and exciting in the crafting market. Anyway I loved her workshop and got so much out of it that I signed up for this mini one. It’s all about ornaments and Christmas!

With her last workshop I found myself feeling much free-er with my artwork, kind of anything goes. I went to Michaels and bought a package of 8×10 canvases and have been painting backgrounds like crazy. I pull them out and when inspiration hits I start creating. I’m still enjoying myself so much!

Anyway, I had so much fun I thought I would just share this tidbit. I’m sure it’ll be a hoot.

Hope your December isn’t too crazy. :)

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