shredded.jpgWhen I came home this evening I found this lovely scene.

Apparently I left the new Connecting Threads quilt catalog within reach of a certain small dog. Although you see Tucker laying in the catalog carnage (he’s never chewed up anything, only rearranged things as seen in previous posts), you will notice little Sneaky Squeaky in the background chewing. He is quite the paper piranha when left alone. Usually I do a quick once-over to see that all things paper are off the end tables and the office chair (as seen here) is pushed away from the computer desk. Apparently I need to do a “twice-over”. Hmmm…could this be a new business venture? Shredding-while-you-wait? Naughty Squeakers.

4 Responses to “Shredding-while-you-wait”

  1. Billie K Says:

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    Too cute!….enjoyed the post.

  2. Tina L. Says:

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    Oh my…. I’ve recently been thinking about getting a dog (never had one yet), but now I’m scared. I’ve seen a few other similar stories on the internet… so I guess this type of thing just happens. Gotta love those pooches though!

  3. jane w. Says:

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    LOLOLOLO Toooooo cute! Only those of us with our dearly loved “4 legged creatures” could REALLY appreciate this scene! Have a great weekend! :)

  4. Dotty Says:

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    Ahhhh, I’ve experienced the exact same thing with our little 4 legged fur child! I think this would make a super cute stamp image, no? :)