7 months to the day

tucker-grass.jpgBack in February I’d written a post about our dog Tucker and the fact that he had had a small seizure. When we took him to the vet back then we talked it over and because they were so infrequent decided not to put him on medication because it’s very hard on the liver. We were just supposed to keep an eye on him and keep track if anymore happened.

Well early this morning, 7 months to the day, he had another one. Tucker sleeps at the foot of our bed, so we were awakened by him shaking. It’s kind of like when dogs have dog dreams and chase things only you can’t wake them up from it. This one was longer than any of the others he’s had during his life (4 that I know of). We stroked his fur and made sure he didn’t get off the bed. He was dazed for a few minutes but within 15 minutes he was fine, wanted outside to pee and got a big drink of water.

I’m still don’t think we’ll put him on medication because the last one was 7 months ago, but we will continue to watch him as always and keep our vet informed. It’s just very scary – knowing there’s nothing we could do while it’s happening other than being there with him, makes one feel pretty helpless.

Otherwise he’s is doing fine, it’s later in the day and he’s back to his old self.

As always, thanks for listening.

5 Responses to “7 months to the day”

  1. SueB Says:

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    Yes, it can be so scary when we see our animals suffer. I understand about the meds though – they can do a number on them too. You made the wise decision. He’s a lucky doggie.

  2. Holly Says:

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    Hi Sue. Thanks so much for your note. Yes, it is scary. If the time ever comes when he needs meds for a better quality of life we certainly will because you are so right, I don’t ever want him or any of my pets to suffer if it is in my control.

  3. Sheila Says:

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    Hi Holly, I’m thinking about Tucker and hope that these scary things go away, or at least only appear sporadically. Our dogs and cats are so much a part of our lives, they are like our children and when they hurt, we hurt. Keep us posted and I will continue to think nice thoughts for Tucker.

  4. DJ in BC Says:

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    So sorry to learn that Tucker had another seizure… I’ll be thinking PAWSitive thoughts for you both.

    If you ever have doubts or guilt about the way you’ve handled a pet’s medical issue, like I did when my cat was suffering from kidney failure, remember that any choices that are made out of love are never wrong. Someone shared that bit of wisdom with me… thought I’d pass it along to you.

    Tucker and your other furry babies are very fortunate to be in such a loving home and so well looked after :)

  5. Helen Says:

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    I had a mixed Border Collie that had his first (and only, thankfully) seizure right after I moved into a new house. The vet suggested that he might have gotten access to some leftover slug bait, as he hadn’t had any previous history of seizures. Just a thought….