Clean up on aisle 5


No rain, no wind – not even a cloud in the sky! What’s up with that?! A few nights ago we woke up to this in the morning. My husband said these trees, a flowering pear, have a lot of moisture inside. We finally had a really hot day and the tree “popped” a branch. I never knew trees did that but he said he’s seen it before with trees around the city he works in. branch-fall-down-tree.jpg
So now our tree has a bare spot. Yikes! Thank goodness my car wasn’t parked closer to the edge. As it was it brushed it on the way down but only seems to have swiped away some of the dirt (yes, I’m admitting I haven’t washed my car in quite some time).

Speaking of waking up to something, this was not the first time. A couple weeks ago my husband was going fishing and hooked up our little trailer the night before. He woke up bright and early and started his car – a terrible, terrible noise! Found out that someone that evening tried to steal the catalytic converter!

We spoke to the police and apparently there’s been a ring of thefts for these things in the area. What?! We were lucky in that they didn’t get the thing all the way off. The police said they usually cut one side and then leave, come back and unbolt the other side.

Might I add…the dogs can tell when a cat walks on their grass out front or a little bird lands on the fence rail but heard nothing that night! Good grief. No more treats before bedtime!

Oh…he was able to get it fixed and go on his fishing trip – thank goodness!

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