Puppet Patterns by Julee Maggiora

multi-puppet-cover.jpgMy friend Julee Maggiora created this adorable puppet pattern. It’s her first pattern, hopefully more will be coming. :)

The large black and white kitty, KeeKee, on the cover was actually a puppet given to her by her uncle when she was just a baby.

Well, Julee still has KeeKee Kitty – she’s holding up quite well for a kitty whose over 45 years old!

Julee used her for inspiration for all six puppets in her pattern – KeeKee (of course), Parker Pup, Nanna Monkey, Polly Pig, Rex Coon and Barry Bear.

She gave me a copy of the pattern and I decided to make the dog. The puppets she made were done in felt, but I wanted to try using cotton fabric. I choose a chocolate brown print for the body and a cream print for the accents. I added a bit of interfacing to give it a little more stiffness, I also added a little pink tongue and used crystals for the eyes.


He made up really quickly and easily. I think you could go a little crazy with embellishments -maybe a collar, or buttons for paw pads, maybe even give him something to hold – a bone, a flower…so many possibilities! I’ve added the pattern to my website, so if you’d like a copy of your own you can order them here.

Have fun!
Toodles, Holly

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    Oh my gosh…so cool! Thank you Holly! :^)