February 2011

tucker-outside.jpgFebruary has been busy to say the least.

As many of you know I have a rubber stamp and quilt pattern business. Even though I stay busy I usually take on contract jobs to generate income – building websites, doing illustration work, layout and design – interesting things that seem to find me.

This month I was working for Klutz (owned by Scholastic Books). What I thought was going to be one day’s worth of work turned into five – plus commuting to their office. I had a blast being around a whole office full of creative people – not to mention the building itself, painted walls and every bathroom is painted with a different theme (castle, space, outhouse, circus). It wasn’t for my artwork¬† or anything, just helping them with a project they were working on, but great fun and really wonderful people.

With all of this happening, on Friday we had a bit of a scare. Our dog Tucker had a small seizure. He had actually had a few when he was really small, right after we got him. The vet said that it could be juvenile epilepsy but that we should just watch him. Well, he’s now just turned 3 and he had one. It was 3am and for some reason I woke up and found him. He was shaking, couldn’t stand because his legs wouldn’t hold him and panting heavily. I just sat with him on the floor until he was better. It didn’t last very long at all, although it felt like forever. We took him to the vet and again are watching him. Because it was so slight (less than a few minutes) our vet said that he really didn’t want to put him on medication because it’s hard on his liver. I’d rather he wasn’t on medication unless they get worse or become frequent, but we’ll cross that bridge if it happens.

So I will write more as I know more. I’ve been working on some fun projects that I’ll be posting, as well as getting two quilt tops done (they are pinned, just waiting for me to quilt them) and then finish writing the patterns.

Thanks for listening.
Bye. Holly

3 Responses to “February 2011”

  1. WendyMT Says:

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    Geez I’m so sorry about the scare with your puppy … truly hard to take at any age. Hope all goes better! I’m really glad you enjoyed your time with Klutz :) It sounds like a really fun, creative place to spend time…wonderful place for you!! Best wishes!

  2. Pattyb Says:

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    Sooo sorry for your scare and praying Tucker will be just fine! I LOVE Klutz books….get them all the time for my granddaughter….FUN company! Glad you had a good time! {a friend just had a baby Sunday morning and they named him Tucker! I think of you…well your cute little Tucker stamp… whenever I see him….the only other Tucker I know of!}

  3. Annie Says:

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    OH NO. Poor Tucker. I will keep my fingers crossed that he will be ok and there will be no medication in his future. I am with you, keep them off the processed chemicals as long as possible. Sending you and Tucker a hug.

    Cool about Klutz. =)