spot-o-sunshine.jpgWell, things have quieted down since my last post. Whew. Our big kitty Cricket loves her spot-o-sunshine and apparently Squeaky decided he’d like to warm himself as
Cricket is by far our most mellow cat. She’s the one Tucker used to bug – lick her ears and head (her fur was so icky afterward), put his paw on her to get her to move (most of the time she wouldn’t) – so when Squeaky laid down next her she just kind of looked at him and stayed anyway. It was just too cute.


3 Responses to “Spot-o-sunshine”

  1. maya pique Says:

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    it’s funny to see how big is the cat near this little dog !!!! it’s cool they seem to be so good friends !!! hugs from France !

  2. Danielle Says:

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    That is one big cat! I love her! They look so sweet!

  3. mel mccarthy Says:

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    Awww! Lovin’ the pics, Holly. Squeaky has to be the best name for a dog, EVER. That sunny nap looks like bliss. Hope you are all headed for a great weekend! :o) mel