We’ve been talking about getting another dog for quite some time and this past weekend decided to go to the animal shelter. We came home with a new family member…Squeaky.squeaky.jpg


squeaky-and-tucker2.jpgHe’s part or all Chihuahua and they said at the shelter he was about 8 months old.

He weighs less than any of our cats! Not even 9 pounds. I really didn’t think I’d ever own a dog quite this small and that’s actually why we named him “Squeaky”, because compared to our other dog he seems to be about the size of a squeaky toy.

The house is a little chaotic right now – it’s always an adjustment period whenever someone new comes around. He and Tucker (our other dog) are getting along really well. Tucker is used to playing with the cats so he’s pretty careful around him. But Squeaky just jumps right in and wants to do everything Tucker does – it’s the cutest thing ever.

The major trauma seems to be to two of our cats. They want to hide in the bedroom whenever they hear the jingle of his dog tag. Our other two cats are fine – don’t seem to really care at all. So we are working on this and will continue to do so. I wish they would just give him a good swat, I’m sure he’d leave them alone but apparently they don’t want to get that close to him.

Otherwise, he loves to curl up and sleep right next to me – he did that the first night. Such cuteness. I’m sure there will be more posts involving Tucker and Squeaky. Oh…a funny thing too…when I looked at the calendar, 3 years to the day we we’re picking up Tucker from another animal shelter. I certainly hope this trend is finished…at least for awhile. :)

7 Responses to “Squeaky”

  1. Kay Mackenzie Says:

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    Love him! LOVE HIM! Congratulations!

  2. jane wetzel Says:

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    Congrats! big job- but so wonderful! :)

  3. Sheila G. Says:

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    He is such a little cutie. I’d love to have a little one to cuddle with me. My cats are not cuddlers. We have had Amber for nearly a year(German Shepherd/Pharoah Hound), she is large and had never seen a cat when she came to us at 1 1/2yrs. We are finally getting to the place where she doesn’t chase the cats in the house. It has been a long haul.

  4. Annie Says:

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    Extreme cuteness. Congrats on the newest addition to your family. I love the name. =)

    And Happy Birthday to you.


  5. maya pique Says:

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    So cute !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nancy Says:

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    Oh my goodness. . .could you really have me considering another dog?? That photo of Tucker and Squeaky playing together is priceless. Congratulations on the new addition!

  7. Danielle Says:

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    He’s so sweet! The cats will come around eventually :) they always do! One less dog at the shelter, yay!