Quilt Sampler – Fall/Winter 2010

quiltsamper-fall20101.jpgI picked up a copy of the latest Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Sampler magazine – one of my favorites. I was excited because I had read in another magazine that one of my favorite shops – ThimbleCreek was having an encore listing – the first was a decade ago (gosh how time flies).

Anyway, I whizzed through the magazine to find their shop (the very last listing). I was reading through the article, turned the page and THERE WERE MY QUILTS! I was so excited!! I had no idea. They even mention my company, Eat Cake Graphics, by name.

I’m just thrilled to say the least (can you tell)! I just had to share the news. Ok…back to work! quiltsampler-fall2010-spread.jpg

7 Responses to “Quilt Sampler – Fall/Winter 2010”

  1. Kay Mackenzie Says:

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    How very exciting! Congratulations!

  2. Crafty Math Chick Says:

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    CONGRATULATIONS HOLLY! THAT’S AWESOME!! You totally deserve it too, your designs, especially that puppy quilt (I want to buy the pattern and I don’t even know how to quilt, yet) are wicked adorable. Sending major snaps your way!


  3. Annie Says:

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    Hey Holly – Congratulations!!!!!! This is the SECOND time your quilts have been featured in Quilt Sampler magazine! Nowhere but UP from here!!!

  4. Heidi Says:

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    Yep……..I found your blog because I saw your adorable quilts! My son loves cats and dogs, so I may just have to order the pattern for that! Congratulations!!

  5. Lilly Puddlesworth Says:

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    Oh you are my fancy friend!!!

  6. madame samm Says:

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    Hello Holly, how do you do? Saw your post at Stash Manicure…I would love to have you as a guest blogger…I manage it, and although I am booked Oct, Nov, I see some Christmas and Winter designs that would no doubt appeal to our audience which is over 52,000++ per month..please connect with me…
    thanks and lovely work you do..Miss Apppliqe..wink

  7. Valerie Says:

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    Hi Holly, congrats to you :) That is such an amazing accomplishment!! How did you do it to get YOUR quilts into my favourite magazine:) Big pat on the back.

    Love your blog I’ll be back often!