Ok, so I know what you’re thinking…UrbanBurp? What is that?!

Well let me tell you about this hidden treasure. It’s a little shop up in San Francisco specializing in rare vintage fabrics, home decor and upholstery. The owner, Electra Skilandat (pictured below) is just wonderful and my oh my does she have an eye for fabric.


Most of my classmates know about this shop because of the wonderful vintage textiles our instructor is so fond of. Electra has some incredible pieces that fit the bill – and of course so many, MANY more.

What was really great about the shop is being able to see all these fabrics in one place. Most of my classmates stalk eBay and etsy, but you know, there’s just nothing like being able to see the beauty of the vintage designs in person – right that minute, to be able to touch these lush fabrics and to ultimately be able to walk out that very afternoon with some wonderful finds.

(You can click on the picture above to see a larger version.)

So anyway, if you are ever up in The City (SF that is), stop by her shop, you won’t be disappointed.

(p) 415.399.8761
170 Columbus Ave, Suite 110
San Francisco, CA 94133



Just a little note…if you’re on Columbus you can’t really see the name from the street. If you find the salon “Sync” it’s up a few brick stairs right next door.

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