Jacobean layout – a milestone

jacobean-v31.jpgYAHOO! (and I don’t mean the search engine.)

In school we were given this assignment, lets just say MANY moons ago. Once a student gets through this the rest seems like, well, a walk in the park (although not quite THAT easy).

I’ve been working on my Jacobean layout for quite awhile and it was finally approved! I feel like this is a major milestone for me. Of course now comes the hand painted color roughs which could take a bit, then the actual painted finished piece (I’m anticipating the addition of a few gray hairs by the time it’s done).

And don’t let the picture fool ya, this is a piece of a much larger design, 18″ x 24″ to be exact.

I’m so excited and terrified at the same time!!!!

4 Responses to “Jacobean layout – a milestone”

  1. Jennifer Kelly Says:

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    It’s gorgeous Holly! I can’t wait to see the color versions!


  2. Lori Says:

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    Everything you create is beautiful. This is no exception. The addition of color will send it over the top!


  3. Crafty Math Chick Says:

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    Congratulations Holly! Finishing up a semester myself, I know what a relief it is to know you have completed an assignment, especially one you have worked on for such a long time. Your homework is a lot prettier than mine of course. ;)


  4. Cathrine Says:

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    Congratulations! It looks awesome – but I’m not suprised by that!