The wait…

goldenstate-doggie.jpgLast week I got to spend a day with my mom – her birthday was a little bit ago and this was the first chance we had to get together.

She decided she’d like to go to some quilt shops and have a little lunch.We stopped by Prairie Queens first, lots of Japanese fabrics japanesebook.jpg(my favorites – the taupes, pastels, oh la la I just love them – I also found a Japanese book I didn’t have, of course I can’t share the title because I don’t know what it says but the but I’ve included a picture of the cover and here’s the ISBN: 9784863221109 (you can click on the picture to enlarge it)).

Next we made our way over to Golden State Sewing Center, a nice little shop with tons of batiks, Civil War prints and lots in between of course. My favorite thing about this shop…the little dog! She is just adorable! I snapped this photo of her waiting for her mom to bring back lunch. Isn’t she the cutest! I think I might have to use this photo for inspiration in an upcoming stamp supplement.

Anyway, we had lunch at a little burger joint – very yummy, sat and chatted for quite some time which is always nice.

Next we made our way to another shop, although not a quilt shop, but a stationary/scrapbook store called Only the Best. We ended up in downtown Los Gatos at our final quilt shop, Natural Expressions. But a downtown visit wouldn’t be complete without going to Icing on the Cake the most wonderful bakery on earth! I got my husband a couple peanut butter cookies, an iced cookie for myself and got two dog cookies for Tucker (he knew as soon as I walked in the door).

It was a lovely, nice and relaxing day just hanging out with my mom.

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    My gosh – I love that little dog too! LOL (but of course you know that is what drew me to your stamps in the first place, LOL). I am glad you had such a nice day with your Mom Holly. Upcoming stamp supplement?!! :D YIPPEE!!!