The box

thebox.jpgThe UPS man dropped off a box yesterday, nothing for me – darn, but for my husband.

He unpacked it, put it on the floor and the kitties have been playing in it ever since.

It just made me laugh when I thought…we go out and spend money on some fancy kitty scratching post – 3 tiers high, the bottom has a hole that they can run in and out of, there’s a rope they can bat around – the whole nine yards…

but they want to play in the shipping box.

Good grief.

5 Responses to “The box”

  1. Sheila Galindo Says:

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    I love the pictures, Holly. But stop and think, with mine, it doesn’t have to be an expensive box (remember, you had to pay for what was in it, plus postage!); an ordinary paper grocery sack is a winner at my house. You also get the crunchy noise sound when one is in the bag and the other pounces on it.

  2. Vina Says:

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    Hi Holly,
    Catching up on my blog reading…
    Your fur babies are soooo cute! We have one tuxedo cat, Merlin & he loves jumping in boxes & pouncing on plastic bags. He pretty much ignores the little balls & other toys we buy him too! Go figure.
    I also love, love, love your pocket pies! I just called my local Williams Sonoma store & they have it in stock so I’m running down there today to get one! They should pay you a commission for sharing this with us..your pies look sooo yummy!
    Ok, off to WS I go…have a great weekend!
    Take care, Vina

  3. Dawn in Victoria, BC Says:

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    Giggle… my cat was the same way! I bought her a big scratching post/house, it was the shape of a castle, and she only used it a couple of times. She LOVED boxes, paper bags and tissue paper!

    Anyways, great photos Holly! Nice to see that your four-legged babies are looking so well… such cuties!

  4. Annie Says:

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    I am chuckling. We buy our little Maggie Mae all kinds of cool toys and you know what she has the most fun with – A hoppy toad that she found by the tree in the back yard. Go figure.

    The kittens are gorgeous.


  5. Crafty Math Chick Says:

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    LOL, this reminds me of that MasterCard commercial: playpen: $120, building blocks: $60, enjoying playing with the box instead: priceless, LOL! How cool that you were able to capture that sweet moment ‘on film’.