Being a teacher

I don’t teach very often, but when I do I always end up having such a great time. I still get a bit nervous just because I worry, “these people are paying to learn something from me!” I certainly want them to walk away feeling like (1) they’ve had a good time, (2) learned a little something and (3) got their money’s worth.

I was on the calendar awhile back to each at ThimbleCreek (Concord, California). It’s a wonderful shop and the owners and staff are so friendly and always helpful. They are also one of, what it seems to me, a handful of shops that have a lot of hand applique quilts and patterns (my favorite of course). :)

I had over a dozen students in an all day class. We worked on “For the Brave”, a quilt that features little kids saluting the great ol’ USA – land of the free, home of the brave.

It’s so nice to meet all the different women (not being prejudice here, I just haven’t had any male students) and in an all day class I got to chat a little bit with each of them. I was a bit surprised and felt a little ping of wow when I learned that one woman from Houston was coming to California on business and for family, and actually flew out early just to take my class! Some others drove an hour and a half, and one lady actually pieces and quilts for Joanna Figueroa (of the famous and much loved Fig Tree Quilts).

It was also an incredible feeling to walk into ThimbleCreek and see a whole little section set aside for my quilts and patterns. I don’t mean to go on and on, but when I first started quilting this shop was like the Holy Grail of shops for me. Some of my favorite and most admired designers have taught there – most notably Verna Mosquera (The Vintage Spool) who had a monthly applique class years ago.

I know it sounds silly, but most of the time I just really love to make these things – my quilts, my little drawings turned into stamps, it’s when I’m happiest – being creative. So when others enjoy these things – I’m just so thrilled and so very grateful for being able to do what I do.

So anyway, just a big thank you to all of you who enjoy my work, who send me little notes letting me know that these things have brightened your day or put a smile on your face. Thank you.

3 Responses to “Being a teacher”

  1. Jennifer Kelly Says:

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    Holly! What a neat story! You are an incredibly talented person and I’m certainly not surprised that people drove and flew for your class! Miss you tons!

  2. Annie Says:

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    I would totally pay to come learn from you. I think you know how I feel about your stamps. And when you post a quilt, I make sure that I show it to the gals in my office that quilt. You do incredible work. I lift from you all the time.


  3. Crafty Math Chick Says:

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    I would LOVE to be able to take a quilting class from you Holly! What an honor! I wish I lived nearby that shop (or could afford the airfare). Your quilt designs ROCK!