Cirque du soleil – OVO!

ovo.jpgThis past weekend my incredibly wonderful husband took me to see “Ovo” a Cirque du soleil production. We’d seen some of their performances, but only on TV from the comfort of the couch in our living room. Well they came to our area and we were lucky enough to get tickets.

Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe this show. This particular one was about bugs and their mysterious world. The costumes are incredible, fun, bright, clever…well, except for the spider. I told my husband we finally get to see one of their shows and there’s a spider! (Can you tell I don’t like spiders!) But I got over it for the sake of the show. :)

And the acrobats! Wow, like nothing I’ve ever seen. One of the performances involved a huge rock climbing wall and trampolines. The “crickets” were jumping from the top of the wall, bouncing off the trampoline and ending up at the top again. I can’t even begin to describe it but it was wonderful.

If you ever get the opportunity to see one of their shows – DO!

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