Product “mapping”

Well I haven’t written about school in quite a bit, not because I haven’t been doing anything mind you. :)

So…one of the requirements in the program is to take a design I’ve created and “map it” onto a product to give manufacturers an idea of what something could look like. skirt-blog1.jpg

I created the swatch on the right and then took what’s called a flat drawing and mapped the swatch onto the skirt.


The kitty bag is actually the first product I did. Over the length of the program I’ll be doing four of these – a couple on a flat drawing and a couple on an actual product. The difference being, the skirt started as just a line drawing – the black outline of the skirt shape. The kitty bag started out as a photograph of a white bag.

Putting a product on an actual photographed is a little different in that half the battle is finding an appropriate product, something that lends itself to the actual design. I probably wouldn’t put the kitty on a men’s tie but I could have put them on PJ’s. But for my first go around I wanted something a bit easy.

Anyway, it’s a ton of fun to see an actual thing with something you’ve created on it. It also gives insight as to how catalogs are done. When you see a shirt in five different colors, there’s only one original photograph and the other four are done this way.

So next up, I’m in the Knits and Weaves computer class – we’ll be creating knitted and woven fabric. Since I can’t seem to knit for real maybe going digital is the way to go! :)

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  1. Lizzy Says:

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    This is great!!! I love your kitties, and they look great on the gift bag!

  2. Elisabeth Says:

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    Wow, I love the skirt! Can’t for the Eat Cake clothing line!