Tucker’s day at the vet

tucker-cricket.jpgOur dog Tucker went in for his annual vet visit last week. He’s gained a wee bit of weight – we’ll be cutting down on the cheese and Frosty Paws, but in all fairness I think anything that enters this house gains weight.

So, he had a little growth, a dark mole, on his leg that I’d noticed and the doctor wanted it removed. I scheduled a day for the surgery.

Needless to say, the day came and I was stressed. I know it wasn’t by any means a big surgery, but I still couldn’t help but worry. Being home I’ve grown accustomed to having him underfoot all day. I dropped him off at 8:45 and was told I could pick him up in the afternoon. My husband came home a bit early because with the dogs we’ve had before, anytime they had to be sedated you needed two people to get them in and out of the vehicle (they we’re both over 100 pounds). So we weren’t sure how Tucker, who is now 90 pounds, would be.

Well, we got there, they brought him down the hall and he was READY to get the heck outta Dodge! His eyes were a little droopy and he was a little groggy but alert enough to know that he was ready to go home.

He’s doing fine, like nothing happened at all. Whew. In two weeks he gets his stitches out. He might remember the vet then, but as for now he’s back underfoot. Yeah!

3 Responses to “Tucker’s day at the vet”

  1. DJ Says:

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    Darling photo! So glad Tucker’s surgery went well… calls for a Frosty Paws, don’t you think?! I’m sure Tucker would agree… hee hee :)

  2. Annie Says:

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    Oh I am so glad that he is back underfoot. That is good news indeed. They do love those Frosty Paws don’t they.


  3. Danielle Says:

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    Oh just look at this sweet photo! I am so glad Tucker did well! If this image were to happen in my house no one would believe it! My dog is afraid of my cat-she totally rules the roost!

    I am just crazy for cats feet though…sick, right? I love my cats paws…and your kitty’s little pink pads are so sweet!