Terri Thayer’s next mystery novel…Inked Up

Inked Up by Terri ThayerLast September Terri Thayer’s first Stamping Sisters Mystery novel, Stamped Out, came out. We had run into each other quite awhile back and she asked me to create a small project and stamps to go with the book – I said “sure!”

Well this month, Inked Up, her second stamping mystery hit the shelves (way to go Terri).

I was only able to read part of the book while it was in progress (I am patiently awaiting receipt of a copy so I can finish reading it), but created a few stamps and a little project for this newest mystery. I haven’t gotten the stamp molds back yet, hopefully next week. Then they’ll be up on my website.

I know she’s planning a book launching party soon. I’ll certainly keep you posted.

Here’s a peek at the stamps: inked-up-composite.gif

As for other stamp news, I’m finishing up the Halloween supplement and will be sending in those stamp molds next week. YAHOOEY! I’ll be putting those on my website probably the first week in September. Good grief, is it really going to be September that soon! :)

UPDATE: I just heard from Terri. She’ll be signing copies of INKED UP at the Barnes and Noble in the Pruneyard (Campbell, California) on Saturday, Aug.15th from noon-3pm.

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  1. Terri Thayer Says:

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    Hi Holly,

    I’ll be signing copies of INKED UP at the Barnes and Noble in the Pruneyard in Campbell on Saturday, Aug.15th from noon-3pm. Hope someone can stop by and say hi!