izzi-sees-something.jpgOur kitty Izzi loves the great outdoors – well, as great as the outdoors can be living in suburbia.

I let her out in the morning and then most times go back to bed because she is a VERY early riser. Much to my husbands dismay, Izzi’s way of letting me know she wants back in is to meow under the window. And if I’m not paying attention she’ll then jump and hang on the window screen.

On Sunday she was outside under the window (at a reasonable hour), not meowing, I just heard the rocks moving under her feet. I looked down through the window screen and she was batting at something on the side of the house. My husband said what’s she doing. I said I’m not sure, maybe batting at some big hairy spider – joking of course.

Well, I went outside and there was a BIG spider (I didn’t stop to see if it was hairy or not). I will tell you right now I HATE spiders! If one comes in the house I have to get the vacuum, suck it up and then proceed to vacuum for awhile so I know it can’t crawl back out. I, rather quickly, came back inside and in a firm, albeit squeaky voice told my husband.

I will not comment on what happened next. Needless to say I had the hee-bee-gee-bees the rest of the day. It didn’t help either that we saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince earlier and Hagrid’s gigantic hairy spider pet died. I seriously had to put my hands over my eyes and just peek through the cracks of my fingers for fear that it wasn’t REALLY dead.

What’s a girl to do!

2 Responses to “Eeek!”

  1. Annie Says:

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    I hate spiders too. Funny thing at our house, I am the spider killer cause my big strong manly husband hates them worse.


  2. Mary Says:

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    My husband would have had the shop vac in one hand and the spray bottle of bug spray in the other! He HATES spiders as well! The girls and I have to kill the spiders…..although each night he goes out on what he calls “spider patrol”…with the spray bottle in one hand and the heavy duty flash light in the other!

    Can’t wait to see the new images! Are they coming soon now? :)
    Have agreat rest of the summer!,