A little WAHOOO moment with Quiltmania

quiltmania-09.jpgQuiltmania is a French quilt magazine, published six times a year in both French and English. They also publish special issues each year – one of which is a childrens’ issue (Hors-série – Enfants) dedicated to projects grown-ups can make with children in mind – although the special issues are only published in French.

Awhile back they had seen my “Home in the Middle” quilt and asked if they could publish it in their 2009 children’s issue. (They’ve actually published another quilt of mine – Lilly’s Water Wings – in their 2008 issue.) I said yes and sent the quilt off to France… alas, they didn’t ask me to accompany the quilt, darn.

Today the UPS delivery truck pulled up with a box from France. Inside was my quilt and three copies of the magazine. There on the cover was my quilt!!! I squealed with delight!!! They may have even heard me in France. I was so thrilled. They didn’t mention a word in any of our email correspondence so I had no idea.

I’ll be on cloud 9 for a bit I think. :)
That, and I’ll have to trust my handy Mac Translator Widget to figure out what the magazine says.

(The translator didn’t have anything for Wahoo in French.)

13 Responses to “A little WAHOOO moment with Quiltmania”

  1. annie Says:

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    Congratulations Holly!!!! Now you’re a Cover Girl ; )

  2. Erin K Says:

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    Congrats to you!!

    WAHOO is right.

  3. Denise Says:

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    How exciting! Congratulations! The quilt is darling!

  4. Cynde Says:

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    Holly I am so Happy for you!!! That is totally the fun kind of surprise you deserve. I love all your art work be it quilts or stamps. Now all the people around the world have a chance to see your beautiful work also!! Congratulations and a hug hug!!

  5. Nunt Says:

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    I found your stamp store, and I must say, your kitty-stamps are absolutely the cutest thing ever!


  6. TerriC Says:

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    Congratulations on your cover! The quilt is really cute, too.

  7. Kay Mackenzie Says:

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    Incroyable! C’est magnifique! You go Holly!


  8. Quiltmania comes to Hollister : All About Applique Says:

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    [...] to Holly’s blog Sprinkles of Thought to read her account. Way to go [...]

  9. Beth of Lizzie B… Says:

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    Congrats Holly!! That is fabulous… SO excited for you. The quilt is darling.
    (and I am pretty sure that LIZ can translate everything for you… she lived in France for 10 years. She MUST know how to say WAHOO in French!

  10. Jenn Says:

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    Congrats Holly! I think I may have heard you all the way in Milwaukee! I had to come back to find out what the squealing was about! :)


  11. Annie Says:

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    Congrats, your quilts are adorable, fabulous, awesome and just dang fine.


  12. Lilly Says:

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    OH LA LA!!!!!

  13. Julee Says:

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    Yeah!!! Alright Holly! *two thumbs up*