Book-A-Round – All About Applique (win a copy for yourself!)

All About AppliqueKay MacKenzie just released a new book and asked me to participate in her “blog-a-round” (something I didn’t know existed until she told me). She also said that she would give away a signed copy of her book to one lucky person – you just have to leave a comment in order to be entered.

Her book is quite delightful and full of blocks. What I liked most is that it came with a CD. I popped it into my computer, picked a block, picked the size and zoom, out it came on my home printer.

I picked the following little Scottie dog (the same one that’s actually on the cover of her book). kay-doggie1.jpgI went to my fabric stash and found some hot pink and decided to do the doggie out of black polka dots. I used a little button for his name tag. I could so see a whole quilt made out of these little dogs on various brightly colored background fabrics.

I then got to thinking, why couldn’t stampers use the book as well – just substitute paper for fabric! kay-flower.jpgI popped the CD back into my computer and picked another design, this time a little flower.

Because the smallest version of the block was bigger than most cards I picked a size and then printed it at 50%. Perfect. I traced the flower and cut it out of paper. I used a scalloped card and stamped some little swirls (I added the white highlights with a pen). I then glued the flower down but left the petals un-glued so they’d stand up. I used a glitter pen and drew a little line just inside each of the petals. I also stamped “Happy Spring” above the leaves.

SOOOOO…if you’d like to be entered for a free copy of Kay’s Easy Applique Blocks book please leave a commentyou have until midnight!! If you don’t win but would like a copy of the book you can either:

Thanks Kay!
Toodles for now. :)

19 Responses to “Book-A-Round – All About Applique (win a copy for yourself!)”

  1. June K Says:

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    I love your idea of using appliqué patterns for paper crafting. Please enter me to win Kay’s book.

  2. Ruth C. Says:

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    Love your flower “paper block”! Thanks for participating in the blog around.

  3. Mary on Lake Pulaski Says:

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    I am a quilter and stamper, so you have just given me some ideas for both of my passions. And Kay’s book has many more!!

  4. KayeT Says:

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    I love to applique, and one of my best friends loves to stamp. We already have fun going to the stamp stores and the quilt stores together, as we both see familiar patterns and designs. Now we would have a book we can share too. Love the concept of the cd, and hope that will be a trend in the future.

  5. Mindy in Kansas Says:

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    It is so amazing how creative people are! I just love the idea of using the book for paper crafting. Beautiful card. Hope to win the book.

  6. Kay Mackenzie Says:

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    Holly! That is the most adorable Scottie dog ever! And I’m blown away by the paper and stamping! You’ve given us all tons of inspiration.

    Kay Mackenzie

  7. Sue Cahill Says:

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    Your Scotty is just too cute.

    I would love to win this book and give applique a try.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  8. Jane Townsend Says:

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    Man those are cute appliques. I love the flower. I haven’t been a stamper, just a quilter, but I can sure see how this book would be a great addition to my library for all types of creative endeavors. I sure would love to win.

  9. mandy schneider Says:

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    Awesome Holly! All of your work is soooo pretty!!
    Have a good weekend everyone..

  10. Jane D. Says:

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    In addition to the possibility of winning this book, I’m discovering more great blogs to read…like they aren’t already taking up waaay too much of my time!

  11. Sarah Vee Says:

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    I really enjoyed your bright pink block! I am just starting to do applique and love when it’s not in traditional colours. And your stamping idea is great too. Please count me in to win this very useful, inspiring book.

  12. Barb Rohrmayr Says:

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    Good Morning, You sure gave us a lot to think about. I need to stretch my creative brain. Thanks for the chance to win a book.

  13. Donna Hitz Says:

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    I’d love a chance at a copy! Whether with fabric or paper – applique is my favorite way!

  14. Lisa C Says:

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    so cute, love the quilt idea for cards, love all of your design! Thanks for a chance to win!

  15. Deb Says:

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    Wow! All my favorite things!

  16. Book-A-Round ~ Day 8 : All About Applique Says:

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    [...] I hear Holly plans to show some of the blocks from the book that she’s appliquéd. Show & Tell! Show & Tell! Off to Holly’s blog, Sprinkles of Thought. [...]

  17. Paula Says:

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    I have done just the opposite and used craft patterns for my applique. Loved this book the minute I saw it.

  18. Rhonda Dunn Says:

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    Want to try hand at applique…Love your designs and insiration.


  19. Linda Says:

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    This book looks like one that would be fun to own. Thanks you for the chance to win.