Textural brocade workshop

texturalbrocade.jpgTextural brocade – the latest in the list of school workshops – was lots of fun, a bit time consuming but I think the end result came out cool.

We started by painting our ground and then with scrunched up paper towels created the background. Someone was able to procure some towels from a gas station – they seemed to work best as they weren’t absorbent (and quite scratchy).

Once the background (tan) was done we traced the foreground (blue) design directly onto the background. We took Frisket film (kind of like clear contact paper but with a lower-tack adhesive) and carefully cut around the entire design. This seemed to take forever!

swivel-xacto2.jpgOne of the women in the class had a cool little X-acto knife that swiveled. She let me try it and it was GREAT for cutting the curves – of course I had to rush right out and purchase one of my own. :)

Once the Frisket was all cut I had to remove the part that would be painted blue. This is more difficult than you think, not the removing part, but the keeping track of what to pull up and what to leave down. I saved the pieces and was thankful because I accidentally pulled up something I should have – YIKES! After removing the CORRECT parts, out came the sponge. We used a light, medium and dark to create the top layer.

The revealing was the best part! After everything dried I got to pull of the rest of the Frisket and see what I’d done. Yahoo!

Stay tuned for the next workshop…Watercolor flowers!

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