Fresh Picked

freshpicked.jpgMagazines are always advertising for artwork, swaps, contests and what not. I read through and think “oh wouldn’t that one be fun”. But it just never seems to happen.

I was reading through Quilting Arts awhile back and they had a theme, “Fresh Picked”. I immediately had visions of our dog Tucker in the backyard digging holes, tuffs of grass flying through the air (I haven’t planted flowers in the backyard for precisely this reason). I quickly did a little sketch so I wouldn’t forget and wrote down the deadline.

The size had to be 12 inches square, a lot smaller than I usually work. I can’t tell you how much fun I had putting this together. Most of the quilts I do don’t have three dimensional items, but I knew this project was calling for flowers I’d picked up at the local craft store. I added the flowers and some scrunched up brown tulle for a pile of dirt. I also made the bottom of her apron a little ruffle as well as the curtains in the window.

Anyway, I was happy to finish before the deadline and get the pictures in the mail. I don’t know what will happen and in all honesty I’m not even going to think about it. It was just a ton of fun and the subject something near and dear to my heart…our sometimes mischievous puppy Tucker.

A little addendum…
April 11, 2009
I didn’t make it to the finals. I will admit I was a wee bit disappointed. But that’s ok. I now have this little piece of artwork that I probably wouldn’t have created if it weren’t for the spark of an idea the contest brought.

5 Responses to “Fresh Picked”

  1. Cynde Says:

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    Holly I LOVE this little quilt! IT is just soooooo Adorable. Don’t you just love it when your thoughts and art meet and actually come together somewhat like you saw it in your head. Sometimes even better than what your vision was! This is Truly adorable. I think dogs with the big personalitys are the ones we remember the most. Tucker sounds like he’s one of those dogs!

  2. Jenn Says:

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    Oh Holly! This is too cute!

  3. colleen Says:

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    Holy Moley!!! This is soooo stinkin’ cute!!! I too have fond memories of flowers in the yard… only memories though… since we have a digger pup too!

    This is super adorable and fits sooooo perfectly with the theme.

  4. Ron Says:

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    Awfully cute stuff. Jennifer, Nathan, Ignatius, and I will be rooting for you. I’m sure that when cousin Tucker becomes famous Nathan will claim it has something to do with genetics.

  5. Lorree Says:

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    Holly, this is so stinkin’ cute! You really need to make this into a quilt pattern!! I “found” you yesterday at my favorite quilt store, Strawberry Patches, in Bakersfield. Tucked into the critter corner was the very last copy of “Furry Sweetness” they had. Today, of course, I had to check and see what other wonderful things you have on the Net. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your stuff! AND I’m a stamper, too! I am in so much trouble!!