Dry brush workshop

school-drybrush.jpgThis workshop was “dry brush”. The technique is usually used with tropical fabric – big flowers and leaves… maybe even loud Hawaiian shirts. :)

It was actually the hardest workshop to date. Again we started with reference but geeze, getting those paint strokes to look “dry”. I found myself getting frustrated – I thought I was following the directions but my painting was looking nothing like the teachers. I’d already “gotten loose” and painted-by-number but this was somewhere in between I suppose. The brush strokes shouldn’t look like flames, nor should they look like fur (furry flowers are apparently a no-no).

Towards the end of class it finally just kind of “happened”. You know, one of those moments where it just kind of works and then you say to yourself “oooooohh, that’s what I’m supposed to be doing”.  I guess I had to struggle all morning, or maybe I just needed to each lunch. :) I’m not sure but in the end I was pleased with how it came out.

Onto the next workshop…

2 Responses to “Dry brush workshop”

  1. Colleen Says:

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    WOW… how cool. I’m totally jealous of your awesome painting workshops! They sound like so much fun.

    Good for you. Your samples are AMAZING!

  2. Cynde Says:

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    Sounds like your classes are really enjoyable! Glad your getting so much out of them. Is this for your classes affiliated with the fabric design? Just wondering. Am anxious to find out more about the whole program. I need to go back and find that post you did about it. Love your beutiful tropical flowers!