The crew, the plan

As if the hustle and bustle of the holidays wasn’t enough we decided to redo our kitchen floor.

plan.jpgThe plan:
We had taken measurements and I sketched everything out on a piece of graph paper. We had a plan (always a good place to start). We took this to the home improvement store and ordered tile. It was delivered – which meant the project was now “real” (as if using the debit card and seeing the bill wasn’t real enough).

crew.jpgThe crew:
With the tile now delivered and in the garage we decided to start. We moved stuff out of the kitchen into the living room. Kind of strange to see the stove and fridge in the middle of the living room.

As you can see three inspectors were there to offer opinions and support. No hint of actually helpingĀ  to move anything until it came to their kibbles and treats.

linoleum-up.jpgAnd so we begin:
Stuffs out, linoleum’s coming up. Once we started pulling, it actually came up pretty quickly. We found out why. What didn’t come up…all that white-ish stuff, linoleum glue. Argh. It had to be scraped off the concrete – not fun let me tell ya.

We ended the day with Advil. Of course we couldn’t cook anything for dinner – oh darn, take out (yum). :)

setback.jpgThe setback:
I suppose as seems to be the case with every home improvement project we had a little setback. When we took off the baseboards we found a spot of moisture. NOT GOOD. My husband cut the wallboard to investigate.

Well, it seems that one of the seals on the plumbing for the bathtub (there’s a bathroom on the other side of the wall) was leaking. I scraped glue while he went to the hardware store. He was able to fix it, thank goodness. I suppose this is on the “con” list of starting a project when everything’s closed or closing early!

laying-tile.jpg 1 tile, 2 tile, 3,000 more to go:
With the leak now fixed and the temporary box over the hole in the wall (kitties were VERY interested in where the hole led and what might be under there – I, for one, was NOT) we slowly but steadily laid out and glued each tile.

tile-done.jpgThe tiles down:
Yahoo! We laid all of the whole tile first and then rented a tile saw to do all the cut pieces. I was the official measurer, my husband the tile cutter. It took all day but all the tile is down. We have to wait for the glue to set up and then we have to grout. Another knee-killing-Advil-popping day I’m sure.

But oh, I just love it. I’ve always wanted a checkerboard floor – I think they are just so fun and whimsical. My husband wasn’t too keen on the idea at first until he saw the cream and tan. I think it looks swell. Of course it’ll look even better when the kitchen’s back together. :)

I’ll be sure to put up another photo when everything’s done.

Happy New Year to everyone!

2 Responses to “The crew, the plan”

  1. Jenn Says:

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    Wow Holly! The floor looks fabulous! What a big difference! I can’t wait to see the finished photo!

  2. annie Says:

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    What a beautiful new floor, Holly! I know you will love just being in your new kitchen. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.