Flip and Fold – Best thing since sliced bread!

flip-fold.jpgToday when I got home a parcel was waiting for me – wahoo! Inside was my very own “Flip and Fold”. What is that you ask? Only the coolest gadget since the iPod. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but it is cool.

I’ll back up a little. My husband, the most wonderful husband in the world folds his t-shirts like something straight out of Nordstrom’s mens department. He folds the sides in, the bottom up and presto – they somehow always end up being the same size (which makes stacking them very neat and tidy). While I, on the other hand, no matter how hard I try to fold them, they always come out different sizes – even when I really concentrate. So I was watching a sitcom on CBS called “The Big Bang Theory” (sidenote, for anyone who’s been around technology the show is hilarious). On the show, a character named Sheldon is VERY anal about everything being perfect. In one of the scenes he’s down in the laundry room folding his shirts using this contraption. I had to go straight to the internet to see if I could find out what it was.

Well I did! I ordered one (I usually am not quite THIS crazy) and it came. I got some shirts I had kind of folded haphazardly and refolded them using the Flip and Fold. OMG! (Oh my gosh) this thing is AMAZING! Whoever came up with the idea is probably a millionaire.

So, if you are a gadget person or if you just like your closet to look pretty you can purchase your very own for only $18.99. OH! And something I didn’t know, they come in colors, so you can get pink or purple or green or blue (like the original).

Anyway, just one of those silly things life sometimes presents to ya!

2 Responses to “Flip and Fold – Best thing since sliced bread!”

  1. LillyPuddlesworth Says:

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    Does it come in PINK???

  2. LillyPuddlesworth Says:

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    OMG…I need one for our fabric!! Like one for 1/2 yards…fat quarters…fat 8th…etc!!