Oui, oui – published in a French quilt magazine

QuiltmaniaLast year I participated in Houston’s annual Quilt Market and Festival and was lucky enough to have the editor-in-chief of QuiltMania, a French quilt magazine, walk by my booth. It was actually the last day of Festival and she saw my “Lilly’s Water Wings” quilt and asked if I’d be interested in having it published in their annual children’s themed issue (Hors-série – Enfants).

Lilly’s Water WingsOui, oui!!

I’d been a fan of the magazine for quite awhile. They actually print an English version of the regular magazine, my local Barnes & Noble carries it, but alas, this being a special themed issue, it’s only in French. Darn. But at least if I really wanted to I could type the contents into an internet translator program and kind of get the gist of what’s being said (unlike the Japanese quilt magazines I love).

Anyway, I ‘m just so thrilled and will try not to be jealous of my quilt getting to see Paris and attend a show in Belgium while I sit at home, in front of my computer, drinking a Coke classic and eating pizza…

Au revoir.

2 Responses to “Oui, oui – published in a French quilt magazine”

  1. TerriC Says:

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    Congratulations, Holly! The quilt is darling and reminds me of my grandkids. I’m jealous of your quilt too.

  2. Jenn Says:

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    Congratulations! How exciting to be in a magazine! Maybe you can have some French Silk pie after that pizza, it will feel like you are in Paris, won’t it?